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Jun. 25th, 2007 @ 06:49 pm



Jun. 7th, 2007 @ 01:47 am
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Jun. 6th, 2007 @ 01:13 am
This past weekend a good friend of mine passed away in a tragic car accident. The middle school we went to is starting a scholarship fund in her memory, and I would like to donate to that cause. From now until the end of July, 50% of all distro sales will go towards the Cayce Castelow Memorial Scholarship Fund.

you can read more about the fund and Cayce's life here.

Oct. 23rd, 2005 @ 08:21 pm

Sep. 15th, 2005 @ 08:27 pm

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x-posted, a lot.
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cross-posted in a lot of places.
i'd really appreciate if you'd comment to let me know if you're joining.
thank you!
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The Setup is a distro out of Orlando, Fl. I try to stock all sorts of rad music and work real hard on finding and stocking things alot of other distros don't have, like cassettes and releases with handmade packaging. I also love to get ahold of pins, patches, stickers, stationary and nearly anything else a D.I.Y. kid could make and/or use.

I try to keep things cheap and D.I.Y...

The full catalog can be found at The Setup.

If you'd like to see the latest newsletter with all the graphics, check it out here: The Setup Distro Newsletter #3.

The Setup Distro has started two big new sales!

It's All About Florida


Plan It X & Friends

That means every single record and zine in our distro related to the state of Florida and Plan It X Records are now on sale!

We also still have the Carbon Records and Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records sales going on: The Setup's Sale Page!

Other than that, we have a few new arrivals:


Night Wounds - "Rat Magic" (Gilgongo)
You probably haven't heard of Night Wounds yet, but just be patient. Their discography, already containing this solo seven inch and a split one-sided seven inch with Black Castle, is about to mulitply with upcoming split records with the likes of Coughs, Die Fugue USA and Genders. Their sound is a sort of lo-fi, feedback driven dance-punk that will bring excitement to fans of An Albatross, Combatwoundedveteran, Coughs, Lightning Bolt, etc. The artwork for this record was created by Chris of Steak Mountain, the man responsible for all of the CWV artwork, as well as much of the Atom & His Package and Reversal of Man graphics. The vinyl is pink and side one and side two are differentiated by stickers. Listen: Rat Magic. $4.00


Think of this record as a postcard from the ’90's. Think of the bands of the second emo-wave. Think JULIA, CURRENT, etc; their blend of harsh explosions of anger and beautiful heartfelt melodies, the whispers, the screams, the tears. Total heart-breaking emo. These two dutch bands remember but succesfully stand on their own two feet. It's also been said that both bands "play a mixture between mid 90´s emocore (like You And I) and modern screamo (like City Of Caterpillar)". Definately reccomended for fans of the previous listed bands, as well as I Hate Myself, Moonraker, etc. Limited to 500 copies, all hand numbered, artwork printed offset press. Listen: The People Listening, Wonder / Dodewaard. $9.00 *ITALIAN IMPORT*


ASTHMA ATTAQ - "Breathe Heavy" CD (Forever Escaping Boredom)
Sarasota, Florida's Asthma Attaq return with their genre-bending two-man hectic emo assault. "Think a weird amalgamation of Jerome's Dream and Hella. AA take the listener through a winding corridor of hardcore, noise, post rock, and jazz and they do it absolutely flawlessly fromsong to song. This band has been Florida's best kept secret for far too long." - Fountain Webzine. "If Hella was good, they would sound like this." - Heartattack. $6.00

Blame Game "Honey And Salt" CD (Stickfigure)
Beautiful and nauseating, jazzy and fierce, tumultuous and contained, precise and loose...one of these adjectives could be applied at any given point during one of Blame Game's sets. Atlanta's Blame Game is a band of extremes that somehow always makes sense. For those in the audience, the meticulous attention to detail displayed by the band's compositions (while retaining a strong attachment to playing loose when needed) is apparent from the get go. Anchored by the rhythm section of Alex Lambert on drums/sax (also a member of free jazz trio Lie and Swell) and Chris Ware on bass, the band defies nausea-inducing easy labels by giving the listener a quick ride through their assorted influences. In just one song, faint glimpses of Captain Beefheart, Ornette Coleman, and Don Caballero will appear but that glimpse is quickly washed away as you realize that you are seeing something more substantial than a band with great influences. The mark of a great band is one that takes its influences and refuses regurgitation. Blame Game molds those influences to create something that is new and very refreshing. The churning and weaving of guitarists George Asimakos (ex-Camaro Crotch) and Andrew Wiggins (ex-Left to Rust) leaves very little to be desired. Odd time changes and dynamic shifts are just a few of the tricks that Blame Game has in its hat to leave the audience cheering for more at just about every stop they make. Listen: Truly Wash Yourself. $8.00

NEIL ON IMPRESSION - For A New Grammar Of Feelings (Life Of Hate)
Italian instrumentalists bringing forth sounds remniscent of a more mathmatically, less atmospheric version of Explosions In The Sky. For fans of Six Parts Seven, EITS and Sonna. The beautiful music is backed up by equally beautiful packaging, featuring a cardstock sleeve, wrapped in a vellum (you know, that see-through white paper?) band featuring starkly contrasted black and white photographs. Inside there are two small inserts, one made of textured cardstock printed with a simple quote and holding the second insert, a tri-fold vellum page with lyrics, photographs and information. $9.00 *ITALIAN IMPORT*

The Setup Distro

Cross posted quite a bit. I apologise.
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Alright, I had this brilliant Idea last year, and the year before but always got bad reviews from people i knew in real life - saying that it was a stupid and pointless Idea, so I never let the project go ahead with my plans for world domination education. Here's the deal, read it if you'd like to be a part of Lyrical Rage - vocal war

All the info is there, this is for real.

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Will be x-posted so sorry if you see this more then once.
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Interested in sharpening your skills as a master mixer?
Come join us at love_postal, where all manner of mix tapes and cds will be traded once a month using new and unusual themes.

* If this isn't ok feel free to delete the post, we dont want to offend communities with spam*
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